Reunion Registration is LIVE and you must register before you come, or at the door!

We are using EventBrite to sell our tickets. This gives us a secure and easy way for us to gather needed information from ALL attendees, and it lets you pay using your credit or debit card. Single-day tickets are available if your schedule has just opened up for one day, and you could still camp too. Registration is OPEN online, but you must either pay with your credit card or indicate that you will pay in person and bring money with you to the reunion (cash or personal check).

Eventbrite - GPM 30th Reunion

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You probably have questions!

We will do our best to supply some answers here. Click any question to see the answer.

How much do tickets cost?

Reunion Tickets

Ticket Type Ticket Price
Adult Camping 6 days $165
Child Camping 6 days $135
Adult Camping 3 days $90
Child Camping 3 days $75
Indoor Space MEDICAL NEEDS 6 days $175
Single Day, No Accommodations $40
RV Parking, 1 day $10

Early Bird ticket sales were extended twice to allow more people to respond, and they ended March 20, 2016.

Note: Indoor space for people with medical needs is extremely limited. Buy your tickets early if you need indoor space!

We must provide final food totals to Scattergood on June 18, so PLEASE try to register before then. Single-day tickets will be available on-site each day, and include meals for that day. Plan ahead and save money!

What meals are included with my ticket?

The following meals are included in the price of every 6-day ticket.

  • Tuesday, June 28: early coffee then hot/cold brunch and dinner with dessert
  • Wednesday, June 29: early coffee then hot/cold brunch and dinner with dessert
  • Thursday, June 30: early coffee then hot/cold brunch and dinner with dessert
  • Friday, July 1: early coffee then hot/cold brunch and dinner with dessert
  • Saturday, July 2: (early) cold breakfast/coffee, hot/cold brunch, and dinner with dessert
  • Sunday, July 3: (early) cold breakfast/coffee and hot/cold brunch

Three-day tickets include meals listed above for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (7 meals), and single-day tickets include the meals listed for that particular day.

What kind of food will you have?

All food will be prepared on site, with many of the ingredients actually grown or produced on Scattergood's organic farm. Diners will have a choice of meat, vegetarian, and vegan options at every meal, with a salad bar available at brunch and dinner. Scattergood has been asked to not prepare or serve any peanut ingredients during the reunion, and other nuts that may be present will be clearly labeled. Gluten-free options will also be available and labeled. We will work to address other food allergies that you identify in the registration process but ask you to exercise care when choosing the foods you eat at the reunion.

What if I don't want the meals included with my ticket?

We decided to include meals for everyone because the costs were very reasonable and we didn't want to have to set up a "have"/"have not" system requiring meal tickets, wristbands, ID cards, or any other way to distinguish people who paid for food and people who didn't. Of course, you don't have to eat the food if you don't want to, and you are welcome to bring/make your own. However, if you do not join us in the meal service, we will not be able to offer a partial refund of your ticket price. Thanks for helping us keep it simple.

What if I'm coming for three days, but NOT Friday/Saturday/Sunday?

That's OK, we would still love to see you! In order to help us with meal planning, please buy your ticket and then email gpm30reunion@gmail.com to let us know which days you will be in camp.

I can only come for one day. How will you know what meals to have for me?

We won't, unless you buy a single-day ticket in advance. Then email gpm30reunion@gmail.com to let us know which day you will be in camp. We have to give Scattergood our final meal counts a few weeks before we arrive, so it would be a great help to us if you would buy single-day ticket(s) now, specifying your meal choice and allergies as part of checkout.

My travel plans are in flux. Can I arrive before Tuesday, June 28? Can I stay after Sunday, July 3?

Unfortunately, no. The reunion officially opens at 10 am on Tuesday and we'll wrap up and tearfully say goodbye Sunday at 2 pm.

Our contract with Scattergood allows us to have guests on the school grounds from Tuesday through Sunday. We have limited access before and after the reunion for setup/teardown, but our insurance policy does not allow us to have guests at those times. It's a bummer to have to time-limit our connection, but Scattergood has events all summer, the staff has a holiday on Monday (and we don't want them to have to work because of us), and they need the space for their summer camp and other activities. Thanks so much for your understanding.

P.S. There will definitely be a bunch of the organizing committee folks in Coralville ahead of time. The listing of hotels might help if you do need to stay nearby a night or two on either side of the reunion. Hotels near Scattergood

Who will be at the reunion?

The following folks have given us permission to list them on the site. This is not the complete list (80 out of about 125)! There are 7 children under 18 registered now, so bring your kids and grandkids too. :-)

Alexa S-R (N), WA Diane C, NY Jessica T, CA Peter M, MD
Amy E, CA Diane L-Surati, John J, AZ Rebecca K, MI
Angela F, UT Doug McW, OH Jonnie L, OR Ric D, IA
Angie C, NV Elaine N, OR Joshua S, PA Sam K, VT
Ann S, PA Eli C, VT Julia G Z, WA Sandy P, IL
Annette M, OR Elizabeth U, VT Karen J-T, OH Sarah B, CA
Ben A-Z, MA Elsa H, CA Kate K, CO Sarah P, OR
Bill J, CA Evan K, OR KD K, VA Sonia C-R, AZ
Bill O, MA Frank S, HI Kim H, CA Susan C, MD
Bren B, AZ Freda W, IL Lala P, NM Susan F, MI
Brenda P, OR Georgia M, MT Laura J, CO Thom U, MD
Bryan F, AZ Guthrie S, VT Lenore G, AZ Tom E, CA
Cheryl S, CA Ida U, CA Leslie A, CA Tom W, CA
Chris B, OH Irving T, IA Linda M, NM Tracy B, CA
Chris V, CA Ivan G, VT Lori S, UT Ursula P, TX
Christine T, IL Jane C, CA Lorraine H, MI Yolanda C, CA
Crystal C, CA Janet C, IA Luis P, CA  
Cybele C, MA Janet H, WI Maggie R, PA  
Cynthia W, CA JD S, PA Maureen M, MI  
Darius B'A, CA Jani W McW, OH Michael T, LA  
Darryl P, CO Jennifer V, CA Mike F, VT  
Added 6/16 Not in order Sorry!  
Brenda P, OR Lee A, CA Katharine McG, NE Lauren McA, CO
Gordon P, NY Jill B, NY Jane C, CA John S, IA
Robin S, NY Joni A, CA    

Do I really have to have a ticket? This seems like Big Brother in action.

Scattergood Friends School has physical limitations that we must respect, including well (water) and sewage (septic) capacity for only about 100 people. We hope to be a much larger group, but in order to make the event fun for everyone and to avoid damaging the school property, we need to know how much drinking water to buy, how many sets of porta-potties and handwashing stations to bring in, and how much food to prepare.

Selling tickets helps us cover the expenses involved: renting the facility and paying (required) school staff, paying school kitchen staff so much less volunteer labor is needed, paying for drinking water, renting porta-potties/handwashing stations, paying for required insurance, buying needed supplies, and all of the other numerous but reasonable expenses involved in hosting a few hundred people in a temporary city for a week. The organizers are all unpaid volunteers.

Why are you using EventBrite.com to sell tickets? Doesn't that cost money?

Yes, there are fees associated with using EventBrite; 99 cents per ticket plus a fixed percentage in credit card processing and service fees. Don't worry, it's much cheaper than TicketMaster and the fees are included in the price of your ticket. You can still pay by mailing a check to Bill O'Neill if you really want to; that's one of the options at checkout. (instructions here)

Is there a special kind of ticket for folks who are not sleeping on-site?

No, there is no discount for folks who are not going to sleep at Scattergood (planning to stay at a hotel, with friends, in an RV, or somewhere else - Marcher in the Home?) Our costs are about the same per person no matter where you sleep... we still have to have drinking water, porta-potties, insurance, site rental, supplies, and food for everyone who attends for even a few hours. Thanks for helping keep it simple!

What if I WANT to sleep inside but don't have medical needs?

You have a few options, the gymnasium floor, and the dorm-room waitlist.

First, the gymasium floor will be available for folks who want to sleep inside. It's a wooden floor, so it might be loud, it might be warm (there are fans, but no a/c), and it will definitely be dry. We'll ask folks to stop using the space for recreation at around 9 pm and we'll ask for quiet hours from 10 pm until 6 am... you might want earplugs!

Your other option is to email us at gpm30reunion@gmail.com to ask to be placed on the indoor space waiting list. You'll have to have a 6-day ticket – no 3-day tickets for inside space – and it will be first-come, first-served after we assign rooms to folks with medical needs. We can't even guess now how many folks will need the indoor space, so we make no promises... but if you have a hotel reservation and would rather be in the dorms, we should be able to let you know if you can have dorm space about 10 days before the start of the reunion.

Do I need to work during this reunion?

We will have paid Scattergood staff to do all the meal preparation, and we are using a porta-potty service so there will be no volunteer Gump crew, but we will ask all marchers to sign up for one or two volunteer shifts during the reunion. We'll need help with meal serving, meal cleanup, indoor space light-duty cleaning, campscape, peacekeeping, and various other easy tasks. We will also do a service project for Scattergood. Thanks in advance for helping make the reunion awesome! And yes, if you feel really inspired, you can sign up for more than two shifts, but please don't feel like you must.

Peace City Volunteer Sign Up Genius
Peace City Peacekeepers Sign Up Genius (sorry this site has ads, but it's free and your information is secure)

Why are tickets so cheap? Burning Man is $415 for the same length of time and doesn't include food!

We have worked hard to keep spending minimal and we don't have the intense infrastructure expenses of Burning Man. Scattergood Friends School is charging us just enough to meet the expenses that they will incur from our site usage. We are paying for food and food preparation, but it is also very inexpensive – much of the food will be grown and produced on site with student-farmer labor which means it will be of higher quality and will have a lower impact on the planet. Our administrative overhead is incredibly low and we have no paid staff. Thanks for understanding that we have kept options to a minimum to make things simpler for our organizing leaders and to hold the line on ticket prices.

We've also worked hard to balance the realities of growing older and camping out. Most of us will camp in the field, but there will be sleeping space available (unreserved, co-ed, and maybe noisy) on the gymnasium floor, about 60 beds available indoors for folks with medical needs, and limited RV parking space. We can eat inside in the dining hall and the student lounge area, which might be easier on us than sitting on the ground the way we used to eat most meals. Finally, there are some flush toilets and indoor showers, but we will set up a solar shower station outside and will encourage use of the porta-potties so that we don't overburden the school's infrastructure, normally suitable for only about 100 people.

What are my transportation options for getting to the event?

Please explore the detailed Transportation to Iowa page.

By foot/bicycle: Retrace the GPM route! A hero's welcome will be provided!

By air: There are many options available for flying to the area, ranging from 30 to 200+ miles' drive from camp.

By train/bus: There are comprehensive details on the Transportation to Iowa page for getting to Iowa City, which is 15 miles from camp.

By car: West Branch is conveniently located near the interstate highway (I-80 runs east-west). Camp is located 3.0 miles from exit 254.

In a carpool: We've set up a rideshare board so you can find other travelers.

Is it going to be hot? Is there any air conditioning?

It might be hot, it might be rainy, it could be windy. It might even be cool overnight, though you may remember most midwest summer nights as steamy warm. Prepare accordingly! People will be able to sleep indoors on the floor of the gymnasium, but it might be quite warm in there. The school buildings including the dormitories are not air conditioned, with the exception of two classrooms that we will set up as cooling rooms for people who need a break if they overheat. Those rooms are not set up for sleeping.

What will we DO at the reunion?

Past reunions have included all sorts of events planned by marchers, including:

  • service projects
  • rallies, marches, and protests
  • no-talent talent shows
  • sports of all kinds – bring your frisbee, ball, or kite
  • yoga classes
  • weddings (mostly unofficiated))
  • Skype sessions with marchers who couldn't attend
  • morning and evening circles
  • meals together
  • late-night shenanigans (nothing dangerous, but plenty of hilarity)
  • campfires and music
  • swimming or cooling off in wading pools or the pond
  • We have four events planned that are open to the community - read about them here! Community Events

In short, if you want to make it happen, bring it! We will have basic audio-visual equipment and there is free wi-fi on site.

Should I bring enough cigs and adult beverages to share, or will I be able to buy them on site?

There are a number of important rules that we all need follow while at Scattergood:

  1. Scattergood Friends School prohibits the use of tobacco or illegal drugs and the possession of firearms on the campus at any time.
  2. Scattergood Friends School provides a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted on the campus at any time.
  3. Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed on the campus.

We reserve the right to intervene in inappropriate behavior, and will ask people to leave the site if necessary.

I can't camp, so I need a hotel. Are there hotels nearby?

There are a few modest hotels very close by, and Iowa City twenty minutes away has many hotels including some three- and four-star properties. For more information, see the Hotels page.

Why do I have to pay to park my RV if there are no hookups?

Parking, especially RV parking, is very limited at Scattergood. While we understand that your RV might be a great place to sleep, RV generators and air conditioners also create noise pollution and we wanted to keep the numbers small. Knowing how many we will have in advance will also help us prepare the site.

I am bringing my RV but require electric/water/sewer hookups. Are there RV parks nearby?

There are some RV parks within a reasonable distance. For more information, see the RV Parks page.

Help! I really want to attend, and can probably get to Scattergood, but can't afford the ticket price!

Contact the organizers at gpm30reunion@gmail.com and request a daily discount code. Our limited scholarship funds have all been allocated, sorry you missed out. We still want you to come, though, and can meet you halfway or better if you contact us before showing up.

You didn't answer my question? Now what?

Ask your question in an email message, and if we think it's relevant to lots of folks, we'll add it to this page with our answer! If we think it might be specific to you, or you ask us to keep it private, we'll just reply to you. Send your message to gpm30reunion@gmail.com and it will be answered by someone from the organizing committee.

Scattergood just-for-fun ticket

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We'll do our best to update this page with the broad details, but you can always check the Forums for the nitty-gritty details and full-blown discussions.

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